Tentmaster 2: Automated fabric pulling system

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Tentmaster 2

PR6000 - automatische Zeltreinigunsanlage
The Tentmaster 2 make your tent setup great again. Thanks to the electrical pulling units you can pull the roof panels in record time with just 3 guys. The pulling mode can be either single mode for adjusting and threading or synchro mode for the regular pull.

Technical Data

  • Pulling up to 60m tents
  • Maximum pull force up to 400 kg per pulling unit
  • Speed max. 10 m/min (20m roof panel in 2:30 min)
  • 2 - 3 operators needed
  • Power supply 230V 16A (3.3 kW) EU – 110V 30A (3.3kW) US
  • Profile width 100mm-140mm (custom width available)
  • Patented one handed fast lock system


The special designed pull ropes are hooked with a carabiner to the towing point of the fabric. The Ropes were deflected and pulled parallel to the beam by the electrical pulling units. Especially in confined space conditions, this is a major benefit. All components are attachable to the common profile types (100-140mm width) with the patented one handed fast lock system. The transport case has reasonable pallet dimension (1200x800mm) and offers enough room to store all components and supplies. The portable control box offers a minimum 70 meters range of remote control and a charger function for a second battery.

Your benefits

  • Application based development / construction
  • Minimal setup time for components
  • Optimized handling
  • Optimized work flow (usage of tensioning system)
  • Less staff bound for installing roof panel
  • Single or synchro pulling mode for electrical pulling unit
  • Pull rollers adapted to profile for tensioning (optional)
  • Threading aid (optional)
  • Climbing aid with patented one handed fast lock system (optional)


Option 1: climbing aid
The climbing aid comes with the patented one handed fast lock system, for easily attachment to the beam. It’s not only handy and much lighter than a common leather, but also stable and safe. The climbing aid is designed for 120 kg up to 0.5 meter height over ground level.

Option 2: pull rollers
The pull rollers are adaptable to the tent specific profile which is used for tensioning the roof panel. The two profiles can be install with the fabric on the ground, this is a lot easier than install them in the height. The pull force will decline significant by using the profile and pull rollers. The profile avoids sacking and contact between fabric and the structure. Also the pull rollers wheels run over the top side of the beam. This method reduce stress on the material and allows an easy and smooth pull.

Option 3: threading aid
The threading aid is sledded and fixed into the bottom two keder holes. After the keder is threaded into the profile, the threading aid is opened and the keder will be inserted between the brackets. The threading aid tighten the material and guide the keder sliding in a smooth angle into the profile. This method avoids abrasion and will increase lifetime of your material.

Scope of delivery

  • Tentmaster 2 transport case (dimensions (WxDxH) 1200mm x 800mm x 820mm)
  • control box with remote control
  • electrical pulling unit (with patented one handed fast lock system)
  • deflection unit (with patented one handed fast lock system)
  • pulling rope 40m (for 30m tent)
  • climbing aid (with patented one handed fast lock system) - optional
  • threading aid - optional
  • pull roller - optional
  • rope case - optional

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