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Around TENTS

Around TENTS

Around TENTS took place in November and December 2020.

For seven weeks the Around TENTS took place on our site in Mühlacker. We We open our doors in Mühlacker for four weeks. We gave our visitors the opportunity to find out about various products related to tents in our premises. More than 15 companies presented their products under the motto "Around TENTS".

In addition to our proven SKP cleaning systems and the products newly developed by SKP, visitors were able to find out more about a wide range of products. At certain times, there was the possibility to have a video chat meeting in a seperate office with the exhibitors, who were not on site every day.

We are pleased that the exhibition was able to take place despite the corona pandemic and that so many visitors have found their way to SKP. Of course, we have discussed all Corona regulations with the community and thus kept the risk for our exhibitors and visitors as low as possible. In return, visitors have the opportunity to find out about innovations that can bring the company forward, especially in times of a pandemic. You can find more information about the exhibitors on the website: