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The SKP GmbH offers for every machine even for non SKP machines, a periodically maintenance service agreement. With this agreement customers benefits from calculable maintenance costs and reduced travel expenses. Furthermore, due to the periodically inspection, wear and tear repairs can be identified early, even before an unexpected machine breakdown occur – mostly in worst case - during high season. Most Customers choose maintenance during off-season to avoid unnecessary machine breakdowns during the main season. This strategy ensures long term planning security by minimal downtime. Only a professional adjusted and maintained machine will work faultless and will wash on a constant cleaning quality level.


Your benefits

  • Highest machine availability
  • Maintenance breakdown in off-season
  • Reduced risk of unexpected machine failures
  • Consistent cleaning quality
  • Early detection of machine defects
  • Long-term scheduling for major repairs
  • Express spare parts delivery
  • Steady training and instruction from professional technicians for operators
  • Fixed maintenance cost instead of billing on a time and materials